"Yoga is the stilling of the modifications of the mind."

-From the Yoga Sutras of Patanjani 1.2 and 1.3

Tranquility Yoga

235 Littleton Road, Unit 1
Westford, MA 01886


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Hi Becky,
I'm so glad that when I googled 'Westford Yoga' a few weeks ago Tranquility Yoga popped up. I've been pleased with the 2 classes that I've attended. Carol's individual attention, her instruction and her manner have been extremely helpful to me. I have some physical issues~hip, back and shoulders ~ and I've already learned that the poses are helping ease tightness in these areas. Additionally I need the peace of mind that Yoga grants me. The yoga studio (if that's what it's called) is also pleasing to the senses! I would be happy if the morning classes continue. Enjoy the day,
> A M

I wanted to thank you again for this morning's class. My back feels the best it has felt in weeks. Not only that, but I've had an incredible amount of energy all day. I don't know for sure that it had anything to do with this morning's class but I suspect it did. I am so happy that I discovered Svaroopa yoga - LP

My life has truly been transformed thanks to the Svaroopa Yoga teachings your studio offers. And Sarah is an amazing gift to us both! We are blessed to have her in our lives. I'm smiling from the inside out, and my heart is singing...:-)


The instructors exude "calm" and you immediately feel relaxed and looked-after!

Becky, I enjoyed the class. Definitely a different form, more relaxing. I felt like I could breath better, and I went in with a throbbing sacrum and walked out with release of that area! I enjoyed the benefit of the 'quieting' of the mind, the rest of my day was at ease, I felt more in the present rather than scattered all over with a million thoughts running through my head.


BTW, I really love the classes! It's promoting so much peace and awareness. I actually experience stillness like I have never before. It's the best gift really. SR

I am very grateful for the space you have created and the wonderful blessings of Svaroopa Yoga!


...meant to tell you that the individual attention you gave on Friday was very helpful. I am often not sure how the poses are supposed to feel, and if a particular tension is a sign of stretching or moving in a good way, or a sign of being out of alignment, etc. A lot is still unknown. So the checking is helpful – also the neck alignment you did was very good.


Thank you! Svaroopa Yoga is such a beautiful part of my life. Little did I ever dream accepting your 'openhouse' invitation 5 years ago would give me such appreciation of flexibility and grace of the body. If I should have pain I know how to release it! I am ever so thankful our paths crossed! G.N.


I got a lot of the class. During the final Shavasana, I explored the edge between conscious and unconsciousness. I felt like I was exploring. But exploring what? I finally settled on time. I was drifting back and forth through time! Feeling the timelessness of my Self. Pretty Amazing stuff, this yoga!


I adored your yoga studio and the class that I took last Thursday morning. I hope to attend again and become a regular student; it seemed incredibly restorative and relaxing which is what I was looking for in a yoga class! Thank you for adding me to your email list and I hope to be back to Tranquility Yoga this week. Happy holidays, K.V.

I am excited to be doing yoga! I am amazed at how good I felt after just one class..... Looking forward to the next class. B.O.

I really enjoyed Monday's class. It was very relaxing - which is something that I needed. I am hoping to get more lasting benefits as the weeks go on. One very positive note, I injured my shoulder on Saturday at the gym and was having trouble gripping with my right hand. After the Yoga class, it was no longer bothering me. I think I must have had a pinched nerve that went away with that first pose :)

I just had to write to tell you how wonderful last week's class was! They are all always great, but for me, this one was exceptional... At the end of class, I felt as if someone (you) had lifted the bricks from my shoulders! Then, as I backed my car out of the parking lot, my
neck moved farther to the right and left than it has in a very long time. Even better, the residual relief lasted well into the week! Thanks so much, Gail

Just wanted to let you know that the beginner's yoga class was excellent last night. Because I have a bad back and am usually running from one task to the next, I don't ever feel like sitting for longer than a minute. After we did our stretching last night we sat for a bit and I've never been so relaxed and comfortable just sitting.

"I don't know where I was, but it was lovely"...B.N.

"Attending yoga classes at Tranquility is helping my body to heal from so much trauma - and I am so-o incredibly grateful to have found it. I am especially grateful for the Karma Fund and to all of you who have generously contributed to it - without the assistance of the fund, I would not be able to attend regularly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I trust that the day will come when I can give back what I have been so generously given!!"

How did it go? Well, let's see what words I've been using when describing my experience to family and friends: Wonderful, Amazing, Great, You must try it, Relaxing, Incredible, and Just what I needed. DH

Thought I would check in to say that my neck and shoulder feel SO much better. If there is a shadow of anything left I believe that it is my mind telling me to be careful. Thank you so much for your time after class – I really appreciate your thoughts and your marvelous adjustment. SP

I slept last night! First time in ages! I loved my first class! MB